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De gemiddelde score voor Super Trouper is 9.5

Verhaal Van Datum Cijfer
Every album is good in its own way and its very difficult to choose my favourite album. But I love the supertrouper album Especcialy adante adante(sang beautiful by Frida. The Spanish version also), Our last summer and Happy new year. When I heard it for the first time I was playing it over and over again. I also love put on your white sombrero (wich is not an official super trouper track) But a great song wich give me a happy feeling.

the Netherlands
24 jun 2009 8

When I heard "Super Trouper" for the first time, I started to cry. "The way old friends do" is the most beautiful track on this album. This is a brilliant album in many ways. From "Super Trouper" right through to "The way old friend do", absolute craftsmanship. Antonie
South Africa
26 jun 2007 10

I find that every album is good and fantastic in its own way.

But for me Super Trouper is the best ever. I also remember when I bought it when it was released. The reocrd store walls were decorated with the album. I played it every day like all new ABBA albums until I knew all lyrics.
25 feb 2007 10

The Super Trouper album is ABBA's best album!

All the songs on it are absolutely fantastic!

I especially love Me And I, Lay All Your Love On Me and Super Trouper.
Sylvia Driessen
1 feb 2007 10


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