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At the end of January 1977, ABBA began a tour of Europe and Australia. Again, the venture had been divided into two parts to accommodate Agnetha and Björn's need to be at home with their daughter.

After the European trek had been concluded in mid-February the band took a two-week break before heading out to Australia.There they were confronted with what must rank as the most hysterical and overwhelming reception on any of their tours. Quite simply, during the two weeks spent in Australia fans and media besieged the group virtually around the clock, the streets were lined with people whenever they arrived in a new city, and in Melbourne they were even asked to step out on the balcony of the Town Hall to greet the ecstatic crowds.

The experience of the Australian tour left an indelible memory on the entire group, not least Agnetha who later said that she never quite overcame the experience of being surrounded by fan hysteria everywhere she went.
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