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original album

A1.The visitors (crackin' up) 
2.Head over heels 
3.When all is said and done 
B1.I let the music speak 
2.One of us 
3.Two for the price of one 
4.Slipping through my fingers 
5.Like an angel passing through my room 

     Country: Sweden
Release date: 30 November 1981
Format: LP
Label: Polar - POLS 342

The Visitors was first released in Sweden on November 30, 1981. Recording sessions began in March 1981 and continued until November 1981.

ABBA's eighth and final album was their very bleakest, but has emerged as a favourite among many of the group's hardcore fans. With Benny and Frida going their separate ways, the pain of splitting up was explored yet again in 'When All Is Said And Done'.

The major hit single on the album, 'One Of Us', also depicted the end of a love story. Elsewhere there were current cold war themes - highly topical at the time - and further songs of isolation and regret.

Story taken from ABBA The Site


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