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Average rating for ABBA is 9

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This is the album which cemented ABBA's place with the Australian population. It was the first ABBA album I bought, and it is a masterpiece in every way. ABBA showed almost all styles here - from rock (Hey Hey Helen), pop (Mama Mia), classical (Intermezzo No. 1) and ballads (I've been waiting for you). Almost a greatest hits in itself, it features three singles which were all in the Australian Top 10 at the same time (SOS, I do I do I do, and Mama Mia). Andrew
4 Mar 2010 9

This was my second best album before I lost it and stuffed it from reapeating tracks over and over and over.

The best tracks were mamma mia, tropical loveland, sos, bang-a-boomerang, I do I do I do I do I do, I;ve been wating for you, and medley.

The in the middle tracks are Hey Hey Helen, and rock me.

And the worst tracks are man in the middle, rock me, and intermezzo no.1.
11 Nov 2007 9

This album had the best tracks ABBA recorded. It features Bang-A-Boomerang, a cheerful song with a theme of getting love and giving it back in return, like a boomerang. It also features masterpieces like SOS, I do, Mamma Mia and Intermezzo No 1 (an instrumental featuring Benny). The worst song is the try-hard ballad, Ive Been Waiting For You, but all in all no ABBA fan should miss this. Emilia
18 Aug 2007 8

It is very hard for me to pick. I like the earlier albums the best, I suppose as they have the most memories for me. Abba were huge in Australia as we all know. Arrival has the most memories for me, but I would have to say that "Abba" would be my favourite. I love "I 've been waiting for you, Rock me, Mamma Mia, So long..the list goes on. Brenda
1 Jul 2007 10

This is the first ABBA album i ever bought, because it was the only one I could get in the record store near my house, I fell in love with it instantly, besides, I am only twelve years old! All the songs where amazing, my favorite songs of the album were Mamma mia, SOS, and Hey, hey, helen. My favorite album is ARRIVAL Gerónimo
12 Feb 2007 9


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