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Average rating for The Album is 8.5

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This was the very first regular album I bought in 1992 after the purchase of the "ABBA Gold" compilation. Until today, it is one of my favorite albums besides "Super Trouper" and "Arrival". ABBA were the biggest pop band of all times and I still love 'em !!!
By the way: Much respect to your page and the book. I always enjoy the stories and information on both...and I still enjoy my original "Take A Chance On Us" original LP:)
21 Jun 2015 10

This album was mine and my sisters first album. I donĀ“t like it so much as my sister does. But this album was the first of all ABBA Lp we would buy ever since. Tina Sundelin
28 Dec 2010 2

This is a good ABBA Album. The last three tracks relating to 'The Girl With the Golden Hair' are daring both in ambition and musically, proving ABBA weren't your average pop group. The first six tracks are also pure gold, with the wonderful ballad 'One Man One Woman', the poignant 'Move On', the racy 'The Name of the Game', the cruisy US blues style 'Eagle' and of course the much-famed uptempo 'Take a Chance On Me'. A great post-tour album from the masters of modern pop music. Emilia
21 Feb 2008 9

I love all the abba albums my favourite one is Album Move On, Take a Chance On Me, The Name Of The Game, I have been an abba fan for 30 years everytime I hear my favourite songs I like them even more. Megs
5 Nov 2007 10

It's great and it used in 1977 Joshua
18 Feb 2007 10

Voor mij behoort The Album bij de spanning van de film die ABBA maakte. Een kans om mijn helden supergroot op het witte doek te zien. Ik mocht niet naar het concert in de Jaap Edenhal, want te jong...(volgens mijn moeder) hoewel ik "al" 13 was! Ik heb de film een aantal keren in de bioscoop gezien en toen de film dan ook op dvd uitkwam lag ik bij wijze van spreke op de stoep van de winkel! De elpee neemt mij nog steeds mee naar de tijd van toen. Carolien
6 Feb 2007 10


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