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Sang till Gorel
Here you see my copies of the three Polar Music promo only 12" singles. They are:

In the summer of 1979 Polar Records issued a promo only 12" single. This is the Voulez-Vous 12" single (Polar - POLM 1). It's a quite collectable record, but occassionally you can find a copy. Expect to pay &euro 200 or more.

Hovas Vittne
The one on red vinyl is the Hovas Vittne 12" single (Polar - JUB50) from 1981. Some say that 50 copies exist, but the most accurate estimate is 150 copies. They were presented to guests of Stikkan Anderson's fiftiest birthday party. Current value of the record if in mint condition is about € 1.500 to &euro 2.000.

Sång till Görel
On the right you see the famous Sång till Görel 12" single (Polar - JUB 30) from 1979. Only 50 copies of this clear blue vinyl exist. That was told to me by Görel Hanser herself. According to "Record Collector" magazine (Sept. 1997 issue) Sång till Görel is the rarest of all ABBA records. Estimated value: UK £ 2.000. That might be a bit high, but you would be lucky if you can find someone below € 1.500.


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