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What a great book! I am not a big reader but I loved this book. It is almost a reflection of my own 'ABBA' life. First single, meeting my best mate who is also a fan and introduced me to Record Collector. I remember those nights writing hundreds of letters!!! Thank God for Ebay..ha!..ha! I also went to my first Abba Day with my best mate. Unlike you though, Robert, I did marry an Abba fan or should that be 'fanatic' :o) I found the bootleg chapters really interesting as I can still remember the excitement when I got my copies. Great book Robert. Loved It. Well Done... Paul Russell

I loved this book! I really saw myself within it's pages. Was witty too!
A must for all fans, get it!
Terry Malloy

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Robert's book ABBA & Me. I completely relate to the stories of becoming an ABBA fan and collector - it's a common experience with us all. Great stories of attending ABBA days, and interesting to learn how they have changed over the years. Creating the ABBA bootlegs was fascinating to read - such intrigue! The drama behind-the-scenes of ABBA - The Site was interesting yet disappointing that it happened at all, though I was surprised that the eventual closing of the Forum wasn't mentioned.

The book is well written and a lot of fun to read. I think all ABBA fans will enjoy reading it.

I had to laugh at being referred to as "ABBA Know All". And I do remember The ABBA Web Experience!
Ian Cole

The book is really great and an interesting read.
I have recomended it to the members of the Australian Fan club site.
Thank you Robert and keep up the great work you do on your site.
Nicholas Faltskog

Surely an interesting concept where the fan explains of the beginning of his passion for Abba, his collection, the beginnings of the Dutch fan club convention in the 80's, the meeting of the Abba members, being an autograph hunter, creating his website, being a moderator for Abba The Site forum there is also a chapter about collecting and bootlegs. We also got to read some of Robert's reviews (Abba's costumes, Aggie's My Colouring Book). Very interesting.

Of course, many will identify with Robert when it comes to finding a special Abba article or missing an Abba event.

Funniest quote : "But what music could a former Eurovision give to me ? I was a professional Beatles fan."

Robert's book also brings us to a time when Abba collecting meant waiting for the postman when you swapped items with a fan or looked for a record. That is why you will look upon it with nostalgia and those who were not fans during the 80's might dicover what it was like to be a fan during these days.

Note from Robert: Pascale wrote this review for ABBAMAIL the internet mailing list.

Ranson Pascale

Ik heb het boek ABBA & ik gekocht op de fanclubdag.
Helemaal top dit boek en door een ABBA fan geschreven.
Het eerste boek over ABBA wat ik ook helemaal uitgelezen heb.
[want andere boeken zijn dikwijls in het engels en leest voor mij toch niet lekker weg]
Leuke weetjes en "blunders" haha, maar die maken we gelukkig allemaal.
Kan niet wachten op deel 2[als die er tenminste komt]
Ga zo door en bedankt
Groetjes ineke


I was in the privilage possition to read the dummy before its original release of the book "ABBA & me". The book is GREAT!!! Once you've start to read it, you won't stop before it's finished. The book is written in a witty-kind of style which I very much like. The ins-and-outs of different aspects of fandom, the release of the 1st bootleg-album, the behind-the-scenes stories of the official ABBA-site, everything's very nice to read all about it.
The editorials of Robert's ABBA plaza are now archived in a very wellpacked book and is easier to look back or have acces to when one once to read that.
A review wouldn't be a review with some comments. Unfortunately there are some errors in the book concerning me: My name is mentioned a several times in the book. The first error is that my name is spelled incorrectly, I would have appreciated it that my pseudonymn would have been used. Second of all one can insinuate the I might be an ABBA-fan aswell. The last one is totally untrue. Actually I am a Barry Manilow-fan, a socalled FANILOW, so if anyone out there thinks that I like ABBA then they are OH SO WRONG!
Overall the book is a must-have for any selfrespecting ABBA-fan. The book is printed on quality paper, one can't say for all paperbacks, and the artprint cover is very nice. The price for the book is a real laugh: 18 euro's is just peanuts.
Thankx Robert for the kind words you've written about me. Keep up the good work!
The Netherlands

Dear Robert
What a great book it is! I had a few laughs and read it out in once! Sometimes it was like reading about my own life. Any real ABBA fan must read it! It is a real smash!


Very nice book. It gives real insight information about what it is to be an ABBA fan. This book is surely a must for any ABBA collection / collector. Liesbeth


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