Thank you for the music (cd 4):
Put on your white sombrero
Dream world
Thank you for the music - Doris Day version
Hej gamle man - Zweeds
Merry go round
Santa Rosa
She's my kind of girl
You owe me one
Scaramouche - Instrumentaal
Summer night city - Rehearsel
Take a chance on me - Instrumentaal - Rehearsel
Just a notion
Rikky rock 'n' roller
Burning my bridges
Fernando - Zweeds - Rehearsel
Here comes Rubie Jamie
Hamlet III Parts 1 & 2 - Instrumentaal - Part 1
Hamlet III Parts 1 & 2 - Part 2
Free as a bumble bee
Rubber ball man
Crying over you
Just like that
Givin' a little bit more
Waterloo - Frans / Zweeds - 1994 mix
Ring ring - Zweeds / Duits / Spaans - 1994 mix
Honey honey - Zweeds


Afdrukken Just a notion
Agnetha, Frida, Björn Just a notion, that's all
Just a feeling that you're watching me
Aah, every move I'm making
Am I reading your mind
Guess it's almost like you're touching me
Aah, there is no mistaking
Agnetha, Frida Just a notion
That you'll be walking up to me in a while
And you smile and say: "Hello" and
We'd be dancing through the night
Knowing everything from then on must be right
Just a notion
But somehow I know I'm not wrong
If it's our destiny there's nothing we can do
And tonight it's very special it's the night for me and you

Muziek: Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson
Tekst: Björn Ulvaeus
Jaar: 1981


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